Seahawks' Jarran Reed says he didn't spit on Joe Hawley

Night net null null null null Seahawks defensive lineman Jarran Reed is wholly denying he spat on the Bucs' Joe Hawley.The Buccaneers center said he "thinks" Reed spit in his face during Tampa Bay's 14-5 win this past Sunday, but Reed said film will exonerate him from the gross accusation. “First of all, we play in between the lines,” Reed said, via ProFootball Talk. “You can go back and watch the film. You will see that. If he thinks he’s a clean player, then I don’t know what he’s seeing. But as far as the allegation of me spitting in his face, that’s not true at all. I mean, show me the play, show me where I did it, then you can say something.Added Reed: "Other than that, I just think it’s funny.” MORE: Week 13 Night net picks straight upHowever, Buccaneers fans don't find it funny. The Tampa Bay faithful ripped into Reed on social media and slammed him for the alleged spit attack.“I definitely saw it earlier on my Twitter account,” Reed said. “I guess the Buccaneers nation is pretty pissed. But I really don’t care. I don’t care for him or their organization or about the comments he made. That’s really it. They can keep talking about it all they want to.”Reed said everyone was cordial after the game, so the spitting allegations came as a bit of a surprise."He sounds like a 14-year old g

irl running to everybody, ‘Oh, he spit in my face’ and all that. Anyways, next,” Reed said."Next" will be crucial for the 7-3-1 Seahawks. They host their NFC rival Panthers Sunday.