LeSean McCoy comments on Colin Kaepernick's protest

Night net null null null null With Colin Kaepernick back in the starting role, his protest gets some added attention. When asked about that attention, Bills running back LeSean McCoy provided his thoughts on Kaepernick, especially when it comes to police."My take on it is obviously the things the cops are doing is definitely wrong,” McCoy said Wednesday. “But there’s good people, there’s bad people. There’s good cops, there’s bad cops. Actually, this game or next game I’m going to invite some police to the game, probably 15 or 20, just an appreciation type of thing because they’re taking so much heat right now and what’s going on is definitely wrong, but I always feel there’s just bad people, there’s good cops and there’s bad cops. MORE: There's karma at work with Kaepernick getting his starting job back"So that’s something actually, me and my foundation we’ll be going and also inner-city kids we’re going to bring them to the game, too. You know, you’ve got to show appreciation, because nobody’s perfect. I don’t

want all cops getting a bad rap for what bad cops are doing, because there are still good cops. And at the end of the day if there’s something wrong going on, or there’s something that is dangerous, I’m sure Kap will call the cops, he’ll call 911." McCoy's decision to support police officers and invite them to a game stems more from his incident in the offseason when he was involved in a fight with off-duty police officers. But it's interesting that he brought it up when questioned about Kaepernick.The stance towards cops from the 49ers quarterback has been well documented, and peaked when it was revealed the QB wore socks depicting officers as pigs.Colin Kaepernick is now wearing socks depicting the police as pigs. pic.twitter.com/C1D809YSR2— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) September 1, 2016MORE: Protests, politics ruining the Night netAfter the attention placed on the socks, Kaepernick released a statement where he emphasized that they were worn for the "rogue cops." Kaepernick continues to fuel the debate, saying recently, "I'm not going to value a piece of cloth over people's lives."