Browns WR Terrelle Pryor 'not worried' about Redskins CB Josh Norman's trash talk

Night net null null null null Terrelle Pryor is the best player on the Browns' offense, and he'll be covered by the best player on the Redskins' defense: Josh Norman.We all know Norman is an annoyance on the field, which is part of his job, but he does it better than others. Last week, he carried Odell B

eckham Jr. and held him up like he was Simba from the Lion King. Pryor says that won't be happening with him. MORE: These 10 Night net corners can talk all they want"Me? I’m 6-5, 230," Pryor said about Norman's head games. "I am not worried about a corner talking about me. Period." The receiver added, "You've got to look at it like this, where I've been and the people I've played against and the people I grew up with, talking is talking. You just go and make plays and block them and be physical with them and that's all."MORE: Don't get between Norman and a TV cameraWhile the Norman and Pryor matchup sounds like fun, Redskins coach Jay Gruden said this week that "team defense" will be the key to shutting him down. "Somebody different every time possibly," Gruden said.