Redskins: Please don't step on our racist logo

Night net The don't-step-on-the-logo silliness is no longer contained to hockey — and the team bringing it to the Night net is the most ironic possible choice.#Redskins logo roped off in their new locker room like a hockey team.— Master Tesfatsion (@MasterTes) August 22, 2016MORE: Night net division rankings — where is the NFC North? Yes, the Washington Redskins, whose nickname is a slur, set up a rope to stop the media from disrespecting their logo, which itself disrespects Native Americans. It is a rich, stupid tapestry.We've been over this before: Expecting people not to step on something that's already on the ground is inherently dumb, but whatever. The team makes the rules. It's nothing worth getting all that angry over. This, though — t

his deserves special attention. If stepping on a logo is bad, using an entire group of people as a mascot and a racial slur as a nickname is much, much worse. If ever there were a logo to step on, this it.Whether the rope is still in place down the road, whenever the team is called the Warriors or the Redtails or something less nakedly awful, remains to be seen.