Tom Brady is keeping secrets again

Night net null null You'd think Tom Brady had been through years of investigations judging by how he answered questions at his Tuesday press conference.Oh, wait ... MORE: What Pats will miss with GaroppoloWhen asked how he would spend his four-week suspension to start the season, the Patriots quarterback gave reporters nothing except a good look at his new, terrible haircut. "We’ll see," Brady answered when asked how he would stay sharp away from the team."We’ll see," Brady answered when asked if he’ll stay local during the suspension."No I don’t," Brady quipped when asked if he had any intentions of revealing any plans.What are you up to, Mr. Brady? You leave us no choice but to speculate about your plans over the next month.Therefore, here’s a look at a possible Brady to-do list between now and his Week 5 return.MORE: Night net's worst QB situations1. Take a free Harvard course online. Possibly China and the Modern World or American Government so I can be part of Donal

d’s cabinet.2. Catch up on the new season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.3. Buy more burner phones.4. Party with Johnny Manziel.5. Stake out Roger Goodell’s home looking for dirt to use the next time Coach Belichick or myself gets busted for something.6. Grab a beer with my boy The Deflator.7. Check in with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to see if they have any cameo spots available.8. Read all the Colin Kaepernick hot takes.9. Erase all the episodes of that terrible Bill Simmons HBO show on my DVR to make room for Dancing with the Stars.10. Tell stylist to fix this horrendous haircut.Sure, these could be wrong, but probably not.