Report: Will Smith’s blood alcohol level was 3 times legal limit the night he was killed

Night net null Will Smith's blood alcohol content reportedly was measured at 0.24 percent the night he was shot to death in downtown New Orleans, according to a report.One source put Smith's BAC at 0.24 and another concurred that the former Saints Pro Bowler was over the legal limit of 0.08. MORE: 2016 sports deaths | Smith to be inducted into Saints Hall of FameCardell Hayes was arrested and charged with shooting Smith eight times and his wife, Racquel, twice on April 9 following a traffic incident in which Smith appeared to rear-end Hayes’ Hummer and drive away.  Smith family attorney Peter Thomson previously said that Smith was not "inebriated to the point" of being unable to drive.Hayes’ initial court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. He faces charges of first-degree murder in Smith’s death and second-degree attempted murder in the shooting of Racquel Smith. It is unknown whether the toxicology results

will be shared in court, but Hayes’ lawyers have argued he fired his weapon in self-defense.In addition to the gun Hayes allegedly used to kill Smith, police recovered a second loaded gun from Hayes’ Hummer and another from Smith’s Mercedes SUV. Smith’s gun had no indications of being fired, according to police.