Peyton Manning honored by Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame

Night net Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has been named the 2016 Tennessean of the Year by the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.Manning was honored during the Champion Within luncheon on Saturday, according to the Associated Press. The award is given to “an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the s

tate of Tennessee through sports or other methods while demonstrating outstanding character and leadership.” MANNING: 18 career milestones | College football's most iconic playersBill Emendorfer, executive director of the Hall, said in a statement to AP that "we have honored many outstanding individuals in the past 50 years, but none greater than Peyton." Manning was a quarterback at Tennessee, leading the Vols to the 1997 SEC championship. He announced his retirement from the Night net in March after leading the Broncos to the Super Bowl title, the second of his 18-year career.