Ravens' Ronnie Stanley gets special dog

Night net null When people go in to adopt pets, they typically get the youngest and cutest animals available. It's hard to fault them, but the older animals are full of love as well, and Ravens first-round draft pick Ronnie Stanley knows this.BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore shared a story on its Facebook page about the rookie going in and asking for a dog. MORE: Night net animal power rankings | Best player from each state"We are looking for (a) dog that's been here a long time," Stanley said, according to the shelter, "and maybe not-so-adoptable." Stanley fell in love with Winter, a 6-year-old dog who had survived some intense conditions.She was found on a vacant property, on a hot day with no electricity, or open windows. She was dehydrated and extremely frightened. Winter has a long, hanging belly, mostly likely a result of over breeding--something we see far too often at our shelter. Due to her age, her belly is not something that will ever tighten up. Female dogs with such characteristics are often passed by in o

ur shelter — but not by Ronnie!Winter now has a loving home, thanks to the Night net player's kindness.