Crude Warren Sapp takes Timmy Jernigan's tribute and blows it to pieces

Night net Timmy Jernigan deserved a lot better than this. But consider it a lesson learned about picking role models.Jernigan, a defensive tackle entering his third season with the Ravens, publicly declared his admiration for Hall of Famer Warren Sapp on Thursday. His team, supportive of a young player who has admittedly fallen short of his potential so far, tweeted out the tribute. MORE: Sapp vs. Shockey rages onTimmy Jernigan has changed his number to 99 as a tribute to @WarrenSapp .— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) May 26, 2016Sapp replied by taking him down like he was Chad Clifton. @Ravens how do I stop this??— Warren Sapp (@WarrenSapp) May 26, 2016Jernigan couldn’t have sounded more sincere about his tribute, either. At t

he Ravens’ OTAs, he wore number 99, not the 97 he had worn since entering the Night net. Asked why afterward, if possibly it was just something to do for offseason workouts, he said, "No, that’s forever, that’s until I’m done here."As he elaborated, he spoke with incredible reverence for the player who made the number famous in his career with the Buccaneers, who retired the number after his Hall of Fame induction."I always grew up watching Warren Sapp," Jernigan said. "I looked up to him. I definitely wanted to model my game after him. It’s definitely a number that I wanted coming out of college, but Chris (Canty) had it, so I had to respect the situation until I was able to get it."He went on to describe the style he wanted to emulate: “Nasty, ferocious — he came every play. You definitely knew he was there and when he made a play. Another thing, he played down in Florida too, so he was definitely one of the greats from our state."Jernigan grew up in Lake City and played at Florida State, a rival of Sapp’s Miami program, so that shows you what boundaries he was willing to cross to honor his hero.MORE: Disgraced figures in sports | Rare Sapp photosSapp was not impressed.For comparison’s sake, this is what Sapp did to Clifton, a Packers offensive lineman, as a teammate ran back an interception in a 2002 game. Clifton had to be carted off the field with a serious pelvic injury, and coach Mike Sherman had angry words with Sapp as they left the field.Sapp’s shot at his young admirer was slightly less crude, tasteless and pointless.But not by much.