Fourth-grader offers advice, support for the Cardinals in a precious letter

Night net If you were looking for a reason to root for the Cardinals today, here you go.Brody Moore, age nine, wrote a letter in class on Friday to give Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald a little pep talk. Young fan writes adorable letter to Carson Palmer before @AZCardinals playoff game #abc15— ABC15 Arizona (@abc15) January 24, 2016MORE: AFC championship game phot

os: Broncos, Patriots battle for Super Bowl 50 berth"I hope it reaches them and they know that they have support and love and kids in the 4th grade sitting in class thinking about them and wishing them well," Brody's mother told ABC 15. He also saved room in the letter for a little advice."Look out for the blitz. Carolina blitzes a lot," the fourth-grader warned.We think we see some coaching in the future from Brody C. Moore.