Night net injury data: Concussions hit four-year high in 2015

Night net null Concussions among Night net players — sustained in practice and games, both preseason and regular-season — reached a four-year high in 2015, according injury data the league released Friday.Of the 271 reported concussions, more than a third — 92, also a four-year high — were the result of helmet-to-helmet contact, despite the league's efforts to reduce that type of hit, especially against defenseless players. MORE: Doctor would 'bet his medical license' that OJ Simpson has CTE | Athletes with career-ending injuriesThe increase comes after three straight seasons in which the total had dropped as the league implemented rules in an effort to reduce the number of head shots. The total fell from 261 in 2012 to 206 in 2014.Intensified concussion protocol elements this year (press box monitor, self-reporting, etc.) contributed to higher total, Night net senior VP Jeff Miller said (via 670 The Score in Chicago). Interestingly, concussions sustained in practice dropped markedly from a four-year high of 50 in 2014 to 37 in 2015. Conversely, according to the league's data, this year's high of 271 was a jump from the 206 reported concussions overall in 2015, the low since the current system for tracking began in 2012.Still, there have been more than 200 reported concussions in every season in the four-year window.Concussions are a hot-button topic in the Night net as more is learned at CTE and the long-term effect of brain trauma, particularly on players who sustain multiple concussions.Toward the end of the record-breaking season, commissioner Roger Goodell, in an appearance on Sirus/XM Radio, avoided talking about the soon-to-be-released movie "Concussion," but instead defended the league's safety efforts."I think we're at 39 rule changes over the last 10 years to make our game safer," Goodell said (via the New York Daily News). "They've had a dramatic impact on the game. We've seen reductions in concussions (by) 35 percent. We're seeing the rules protect

the players from unnecessary injuries, and that's important."Besides helmet-to-helmet contact, the next most frequent causes of concussions were the playing surface (29) and the shoulder (23).Also included in the league's injury data: The league reported 56 ACL sprains — all knee sprains are some degree of tear — which is about league average.MCL sprains reached a four-year high at 170.There were 6.6 injuries per game during Sunday and Monday contests during the regular season, a slight decrease from the 7.3 average in 2014.However, Thursday games recorded 5.7 injuries per game, a four-year high, which brings into question the quick turnaround for a team that played on Sunday.To see the Night net's entire injury data report, click here.