Marcus Mariota gets rocked, loses football... And shoe

Night net After a historic first game for

Titans QB Marcus Mariota, things haven't gone so well for the 2015 No. 2 overall pick in his second start. The Titans have looked sluggish during his showdown with the Browns and Johnny Manziel, and trail heading into halftime.Manziel has also racked up more passing yards than Mariota, who hasn't cracked triple digits. Then there was this lemon of a play, in which Mariota loses his shoe, then his helmet, then the ball.MORE: Johnny Manziel throws 60-yard TD pass vs. Titans | Marcus Mariota's proved he was the most pro readyMariota just took his first big hit in the Night net. Ouch!— Aaron J. Fentress (@AaronJFentress) September 20, 2015Here's a better view.